Our Mission:

  • Establish a non-profit association of independently organized car clubs and individuals in Idaho who have a common interest in preserving our automotive heritage.

  • Provide a centralized gathering of resources related to automotive events and vehicle restoration; obtain sponsor support for additional discounts on parts and or merchandise at participating retailers and auto supply dealers.

  • To help promote a fellowship and camaraderie of owners and enthusiasts of all types of motor vehicles. To foster a more positive fellowship between members of ICCC that will enhance the restoration, modification, showing, cruising and fund raising with all types of automobiles, and preserve the right to do so.

  • Develop an informational data base where a sharing of car clubs; car shows, events, cruising, charitable events, and access to individuals and all car clubs can be made available. Create an environment where input from members may be of assistance in responding to inquiries from organizations, businesses, schools, churches and charities; to host car shows/events.

  • To create a platform to help young adults pursue their interest in building cars and to assist them in finding automotive Scholarships to further this interest. Their interests may include designing, modifying, customizing, restoring and showing their vehicles; thus, preserving the heritage of automobiles and related memorabilia far into the future.

Every Year we get asked to bring our Club Members to a Car Show.  It's difficult for some promoters to understand that we are not a stand-alone car club. Sorry, but we can't provide a number of cars that might show up for an event.  

We are a Car Council made up of Representatives who are Members of Car Clubs.  Our goal is to enhance communication between the clubs and car enthusiasts and coordination of car event dates throughout Idaho.  We try to put car people in contact with people with car needs within the community, such as restoration, weddings and special events.  Our members have special talents and many of them own their own businesses.  If you have a special need, maybe we can help. 


Thank you for your support!

Contact LeRoy for additional information at 208-455-8697

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